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Any work place in the UK will have certain standards and regulations they must comply to. Some of these are set by UK law ans others will be company policy. The most important thing to remember in the safety and security industry is who will be responsible for making sure these regulations are adhered to by all. usually there will be a chain of command in regards to responsibility, and this will be a record of the safety, security and awareness training of each and every member of the work force.

This changes some what when the industry you are working in become high risk or even dangerous. People working at height are in potentially a lot more danger than a floor cleaner, but they are still at less risk than those working in potentially hostile conditions. 

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Those that work in the security industry are constantly at threat. This is why the safety training of these workers is taken very seriously meaning there is a desperate need to record training exercises and update on any new techniques that could deter criminal activity. maritime security is notorious for dealing with issues such as theft and kidnapping. The prime targets are usually oil tankers, which carry highly valuable energy sources. oil and gas security personnel are responsible for preventing potentially catastrophic events whenther these be economical, environmental or life threatening. They must use the most advanced defensive and offensive software and equipment to detect a threat before it occurs. Early detection is the key to being prepared and increasing the chances of a succesful voyage.